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✓ Me: "I'm going to finish this book tonight." Friend: "It's like 300 pages, are you crazy?" Me: *Thank goodness for that because if I wasn't, this'd probably never work.

The Lunar Chronicles crew as memes #tlc

The Lunar Chronicles crew as memes I love that Kinney is apart of this! Him + Iko are my otp

TLC SW2 - Safe and Sound by Sorcaron on DeviantArt

mf-islands: “ Scarlet x Wolf / Day Safe and Sound / Companion fic by / x ”

Lunar Chronicles http://incorrecttlcquotes.tumblr.com/nav

Between her life with Adri and the war on Luna, that was the happiest moment for everybody.

Wolf Scarlet // The Lunar Chronicles THIS IS HOW I IMAGINE THEM!

Want to ever ball ur eyes out ab a book, even if you don't want to? Read Scarlet 😑 I'm going to kill someone rn.

I love how silly Cinder and Kai, and Caress and Thrones are yet Wolf's is the sweet thing I've ever heard ♡

Cinder, Kai, Cress, and Throne are all kinda of silly and Wolf is just like "Take my soul I'm yours" :D (The Lunar Chronicles)