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a sign that says, so self - love affirmations you need to be repeating di
70+ Positive Affirmations for Success - Boss Babe Chronicles
50 Positive Self-Love Affirmations - Boss Babe Chronicles
a man standing in front of a living room holding a tape over his head and looking at the camera
Does air have mass?
Does air have mass? First EXPERIMENT FOR aPOLOGIA exploring CREATION WITH chemistry 2ND EDITION
a man in glasses is making an experiment
Сhemistry Resources
384 Free teacher training videos for chemistry teachers. Watch as 20 master teachers perform hundreds of amazing demonstrations, and also learn how to incorporate these activities into your classroom. Free write-ups are included with each video.
a paper with an image of the model of the atomic system on it next to a calculator
Modelling the Atom in Science 10
Bohr Models using Bingo Chips
an origami kite is hanging from a notebook
Welcome to Science with Mrs. Barton
Atoms foldable and great blog for Chemistry teachers who use interactive notebooks
two stuffed animals sitting on top of a counter in front of a mirror, one yellow and the other red
Ten amazing (and occasionally explosive) chemical reactions, caught on video
Hydrogen peroxide and sodium iodide - is done in this beautiful display - don't touch, its HOT
the symbols for different types of emotication are shown in this diagram, which shows how to draw emoticions
chemical reaction chart
chemical reaction chart
two paper plates with different colored candies on them and the words boron written in black
More Middle School Science Bulletin Boards
Bohr models made from paper plates and Trix cereal- More Middle School Science Bulletin Boards
the numbers are arranged in rows to form an arrow
How to fill orbitals when doing electron configurations.
two women holding up their cell phones in front of them
Themes | AACT
If I were to teach to chemistry I think these activities listed would be enjoyable before the winter break. One of the links leads to a word document in which the Chemis-tree activity is turned into a project. This project in particular uses ideas we've implemented in our classroom such as allowing the students to choose what will be on their ornament that pertains to chemistry(i.e. model molecule, famous experiment, famous chemist, etc) There are also guidelines that emphasize observations.
the number and type of protons in an element is shown on this page, which shows
Quantum Numbers
Quantum Numbers
fireworks with the words fireworks science
The Chemistry of Fireworks
A chemist explains the science of fireworks - Vox
the diagram below shows two different types of magnets, one with an electric field
The uncertain location of electrons - George Zaidan and Charles Morton
The uncertain location of electrons - George Zaidan and Charles Morton
many different colored crayons are lined up on a black surface with the words water white, the early years
Love these!!!!! The chemical compounds that make each color. Only $3 on Etsy!!!!!
an image of a block diagram with the blocks labeled in red, blue and yellow
Electron configuration - Wikipedia
Electron configuration