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a poster with the words how do you feel today? and many different facial expressions
Calm Down Kit- Social Emotional Learning Strategies and Visual Supports
I Feel and I Need Communication Boards and Visuals-Editable!
Grab this resource for your special education, inclusion, elementary, or preschool classroom. This is great for teaching coping skills and self-regulation strategies! This resource includes over 100 visuals focusing on emotions, sensory strategies, hygiene, and other needs. Keywords: asd, self-contained classroom, autism, speech therapy, nonverbal, selective mutism, intervention, counseling, slp, counciler, transitions, calming, life skills, anxiety, social skills, OT, occupational therapy
two children are climbing on the ladders made out of paper
The 22 Sweetest Mother's Day Crafts Kids and Teens Can Do
two children's masks with the words groundhog day mask for kids
Groundhog Day Mask Craft
a mask made out of cardboard on the ground
Groundhog Day Mask Craft
a paper cut out of a monster with lots of candy on it's head
Valentine box for my daughter at school!!! | Valentine's Day | Valentines diy, Valentine box, Homemade valentine boxes