Greek Saints

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Jesus Christ descends to hell Orthodox Icons, Byzantine Art, Painting, Art, Modern Catholic, Catholic Art, Christian Art, Art Icon, Sacred Art

Detail of Christ reaching for Adam & Eve in an Anastasis icon [Descent to the Righteous Dead]

The Theotokos and the Christ Child

The Holy Protection of the Theotokos Archangels, Byzantine Art, Christian Artwork, Orthodox Christian Icons, Art, Catholic Art, Art Icon, Sacred Art, Byzantine

Η Αγία Σκέπη της Θεοτόκου / The Holy Protection of the Theotokos

Saint Demetrios and Emperor Leo VI the Wise Greek Paintings, Archangels, Orthodox Icons, Byzantine Art, Archangel Michael, Christian Art, Byzantine

O άγιος Δημήτριος ο Mυροβλήτης.Αρματωμένος την Αρματωσιά του Θεού. (Κόντογλου Φώτης)

Holy Thursday ,Today He is Hung on The Cross.

OrthPhoto - Valaam_Валаам - nkn73

Orthodoxy in pictures

Madonna and Child

O Γλυκασμος των Αγγελων .Byzantine Icon Panagia and child.

Mary and Jesus

About this Pin, I think it from Eglise Ortodoxe, icone painting.The painter is Ortodoxe

Saint Eleutherius was chosen abbot of St. Mark’s near Spoleto, and favored by God with the gift of miracles. Eleutherius raised a dead man to life. Resigning his abbacy, he died in St. Andrew’s monastery in Rome about the year

St. Eleutherios / Άγιος Ελευθέριος

False drawing of the Christ Jesus. Notice the pagan sun disc and along with the Ring finger (Palmistry: Ring finger of The Destroyer/Apollyon/Abaddon king of the bottomless pit, the Anti-Christ)

Scriptural prayer for safe delivery and a healthy pregnancy

Loving Heavenly Father, creator of all things, Your Word says "1You created all things through Jesus Christ and 2You made all things good and perfect." 3You give life to all things. I thank You, that I have conceived by Your grace and mercy. The baby in my womb is Your creation, thank You for Your precious gift.…

hand painted, orthodox icon, Mother Of God, painted by Georgi Chimev

Iconography, Orthodox icon Hand painted, icons for sale by ArtByChimevi

hand painted, orthodox icon, Mother Of God, painted by Georgi Chimev