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This pacifier closes when dropped. Just bought one of these for my friends baby! 36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

SipSnap is a spill-proof drink lid that fits over virtually any cup or glass.

These sippy tops are great to lid for any glass or cup as it simply stretches over and grips the top of any glass. Every sippy top has an air suction on the top and it’s simply great to turn any glass or cup into a sippy cup.

These are so cool!  Baby support seats from Hugaboo.  $30 dollars off on Zulily today! 11/5/2013

Wish I had one of these when my kids were babies. Take a look at this Green Sunshine Support Seat by Hugaboo on today!

Or if you prefer spoon-feeding, this all-in-one gadget will make your life so much easier. | 36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispenser - looks like you add food to the squirter, which has a spoon on the end. Squirt, feed baby, and squirt again. One-handed and easy.

30 something baby gadgets for new parents.

Bath organizer with padding for knees and elbows.Make your own. Good idea for a mom-to-be shower gift! Love this idea what a great shower gift this would make.