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Dimitris Livanios

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Dimitris Livanios
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Master's Programme in Bioentrepreneurship | Education | Karolinska Institutet

Master's Programme in Bioentrepreneurship

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Handbook of Bioentrepreneurship

Specification Title: Handbook of Bioentrepreneurship Publisher: Springer Author: Holger Patzelt Thomas Brenner Edition: Paperback Language: English ISBN: 144192

How to Conduct a Patent Search to Make Sure Your Brilliant Invention Doesn't Already Exist (Infographic)

If you think you have an idea for an invention that’s never been done before, you might want to double check with a patent search before you work too hard on it. No need to hire a patent attorney yet, though, because you can check on your own.

Transposable elements (TEs) together with polyploidization have a key role in plant evolution generating changes in genome size as well as acting as a source for new coding and regulatory genetic sequences. Vicient and Casacuberta review the main consequences of TE activity in plant genomes and gene evolution in particular after polyploidization events. The close connections of polyploidization and TE dynamics. Polyploidization is accompanied by a release of TE silencing which may be…

Transposable elements (TEs), together with polyploidization have a key role in plant evolution, generating changes in genome size, as well as acting as a s

Infographic: Plant Methylation Basics | The Scientist Magazine® Lucy Reading-Ikkanda Epigenetics

Multiple molecular mechanisms keep plant DNA methylation in order.