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... Oops they're mine...i love mort ffrom madagascar, hes so adorable and is my fav character!

I love that pin. I already have that pin. I love that pin. I already have that pin too. I love that pin. This is MY board! I'm going through my own board.

O____O by markmak

Oh no Dipper you didn't! XD he's supposed to be a innocent lil cinnamon roll kitten xDDDDD

Green candy by markmak on DeviantArt

Green candy by markmak on DeviantArt>>>haha for a sec I thought bill was gonna be nice and give dipper all the green ones, but noooo he's bill

Stan and Stanley reunited<<<NO DIPPER WHY YOU WALK AWAY?

T R A N Q U I L I Z E D by demitasse-lover on DeviantArt>>> aw dipper don't give up on mabel // THE STANS! Exept the Dipper-Mabel part