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How to Teach Sight Words to Kids With Dyslexia

Once I began this method, my dyslexic son not only learned his sight words easily, he enjoyed learning them as well!

How to Teach Kids With Dyslexia

This site exists to educate and encourage families with dyslexia. Dyslexia does not need to be a disability if the the teacher understands how dyslexics learn and the right teaching methods are used.

Simple hairstyles- Criss Cross Ponytail (click through for instructions)

Crisscross Ponytail: This is only a five-step hairstyle even though it looks incredible! Once you get the hang of it, you just criss, cross and you are done! Learn how to do it yourself at A Beautiful Mess.

Though not a keyboard or a mouse, the Dr. Suess Classroom Rules Vertical Banner is great for classrooms (and offices!).

Eureka - Seuss-Cat In The Hat Class Rules Banner Vertical on sale now! Get more classroom supplies for your budget at DK Classroom Outlet.