Pantela's Barber shop

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black and white photograph of a barber shaving a man's head
Barber Shop, 1923 Canvas Print
A barber shaving a customer in his shop. 1923.
an old wooden book shelf with many books on it
Beautiful old carpenters closet. It was build by the owners grandfather.
the red seats are lined up against the wall with many pictures on it's side
Cinema chairs
a barber chair sitting on top of a tiled floor
Takara barber chairs
Chanel, Chanel Boy, Chanel Boy Bag, Shoulder Bag
Takara barber chair
a barber shop with lots of pictures on the wall
an old advertisement hangs on the wall above a fire hydrant and other items that have been placed in front of it
an old fashioned telephone sitting on top of a desk in a room with many pictures
Το Pantela's Barber Shop στη Λευκωσία... είναι αλλού
Ο Κωνσταντίνος Παντέλας αποφάσισε από πολύ μικρή ηλικία να ακολουθήσει το επάγγελμα της μητέρας του, την κομμωτική...
a pair of scissors hanging from the side of a building with buildings in the background
Pantela's Barber Shop , Cyprus
a large pair of scissors hanging from the side of a building
Pantela's Barber shop
a framed photograph with various types of stickers on it
Pantela's Barber Shop, Cyprus
Pantela's Barber Shop, Cyprus Big Ben
Pantela's Barber Shop, Cyprus