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the subtraction poem is shown with numbers
65+ Ideas, Tricks, and Tips for Teaching 2nd Grade
a poster that has been made to look like a woman's face and numbers on it
50 Ideas, Tricks, and Tips for Teaching 4th Grade - We Are Teachers
50 fabulous ideas, finds, tips, tricks, ideas, and freebies for fourth grade lessons, classrooms, classes, students, and teachers
the area of my robot is cut out from paper and placed on a yellow background
Happy Monday!
Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Happy Monday! Area Robots
two pictures with pencils on top of each other and the words teaching laps time written in
Elapsed time is such a tricky concept to teach in a way that students understand. There are a variety of methods and strategies for teaching elapsed time, but using a number line really helps my students be successful.
an interactive activity for using hands on activities and games for teaching students the functions of arrays
Introduction to Arrays!
Introducing arrays is a perfect way to set students up for success with multiplication and division. Great post outlining how to build a thorough understanding of this simple mathematical concept
a white board with blue and red squares next to a piece of paper on it
Learning Multiplication with Arrays!
Do you teach multiplication using arrays? Multiplication has always been a weakness of mine (something my family LOVES to tease me about) but I am bound and determined to make sure my thirds have a SOLID foundation of multiplication! One way we are building that foundation is by using arrays! Today, we spent the day building …
a poster that has been made to look like a woman's face and numbers on it
Figure Me Out!
Figure Me Out! An "All About Me" math activity for the beginning of the year. This could be ADAPTED FOR YOUNGER children by using addition and subtraction equations. (scheduled via
the guided math that works logo with an open book and numbers coming out of it
Implementing Guided Math
Get Your GROOVE On With Guided Math - Simply Skilled In Second
the guided math third grade workbook is shown with colorful papers on top of it
Guided Math Set Up - Thrifty in Third Grade
Guided Math Set Up | Thrifty in Third Grade
a hand holding a marker over some colored dots on a piece of paper with the words fun with arrows
How to Teach Arrays
Miss Giraffe's Class: How to Teach Arrays
a piece of paper that has been made to look like a kite
Equivalent Fraction Kites
Me And MY Third Grade Gang: Equivalent Fraction Kites
the fraction flip book is filled with pencils and markers
Fraction Flip Book & Boot Camp | Comparing & Equivalent Fractions
Included in this FREEBIE is a fraction FlipBook for students. I give this to my students as a reference tool. Build this with your students in one day, have them place it into their math folders for quick reference in the future when they may get stuck or just need a visual representation of a fraction, a fraction number line, or a shaded fraction circle.
an easter egg game with four different colored eggs and two matching cards on the side
Class Egg Hunt
Fraction Class Egg Hunt!! My 4th graders LOVE this!