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The Walking Dead - Love my Daryl!!

The Walking Dead funny meme

Lol. Daryl and Rick both deserve me. Not Carol. ill

The Walking Dead - Daryl and Rick - funny meme

Lol omg so true

Obviously everyone knows that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are way hotter than Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum. I mean, they kill walkers competition.

Not one for cursing but this described my reaction to a t so I had to pin. #WalkingDead

Tears in my eyes from laughing at this one daryldixon normanreedus thewalkingdead baby

I'm still heartbroken about Herschel.

When Herschel died vs. The Governor's death - TWD

That's cute, Beth

I ship carol and Daryl not Beth Beth to me seemed to be his little sister but carol and Daryl need to hook up I mean fur real

The Walking Dead memes (Favorite Meme Hilarious)

The Walking Dead funny meme

Can't stop laughing xD

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The Walking Dead