Interface carpets

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the stairs are made of metal and carpeted with green rugs on each side
Stairs don't need to be boring any more.. With Interface carpet tiles you can get as creative as you like. #IFinHumanNature #flooring #design #InterfaceCarpets
a blue and gray carpet in an office
Carpet Tile Planks by Interface flooring.
an area rug with different colors on the floor
Plank carpet tiles by Interface
an empty hallway with wooden walls and colorful carpet
interface plank | Interface | Design With Purpose | Design Outside the Square
an empty parking garage with cars parked in the back ground and on the other side
Interface carpet tiles.......Image by David Cadzow
the stairs are painted with yellow and black stripes
Design | Human Spaces
Interface carpets
an empty room with yellow and black carpeting
Design | Human Spaces
Zesty Mono in Action with Interface Carpet Tiles
a living room filled with furniture and wooden floors
interface carpets
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in the center, lit up by green lights
We'll be back!
interface carpets
an empty lobby with two chairs and a stair case in front of a yellow wall
Design | Human Spaces
Zesty Mono in Action with #Interface #Carpet Tiles
an empty room with red and white stripes on the floor next to a stair case
#Interface #Carpet Tiles providing a pop of color