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Found this one and I love it! I love Hook and Emma! ❤️ #CaptianSwan #OnceUponATime

Omg this is definitely the cutest thing I've ever seen I think I might cry I'm so touched. To the person who made this: THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!

Once Upon A Time 4x16 "Poor Unfortunate Soul" - Emma and Hook :) ❤️

Once Upon A Time "Poor Unfortunate Soul" - Emma and Hook.I literally cried my eyes out at this scene

Emma's probably thinking 'Gold, you bastard'

Emma's probably thinking 'Gold, you bastard'<< More like uhm, wtf, Gold, I swear I'm gonna shove that dager through your heart and not give two shits about being the dark one for that.

LOL SO TRUE POSTS (it's a .gif with repeated movements so you have to click on the image for it to go)

Yeah, it's like you don't need that, dimwits! Ok, so this reminded me of my English teacher. Whenever she gives you a web address, she forces you to type the https thing and the www thing.