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an old piece of cloth with a button on the side and some string attached to it
~ Slow Sunday Stitching ~
Notforgotten Farm : ~ Slow Sunday Stitching ~
a piece of red thread on white fabric
two fish cross stitch pattern with the words,'plenty of fish'on it
���� #24 - CrossStitcher 333 - tymannost
Gallery.ru / Фото #25 - CrossStitcher 333 - tymannost
a cross stitch pattern with an orange cat on it's back and white chest
Cross-Stitch Designs
a cross - stitch doll with a red scarf on it's head is shown
Matryoshka - modelos e ideias
OS MELHORES ARTESANATOS: Matryoshka - modelos e ideias
a cross stitch pattern with an elephant in the middle
Фото 848800319812 из альбома Жаккард для деток. Смотрите в группе жаккардовые узоры в ОК