Theogefiro (God's bridge) in Zitsa, Greece

Breathtaking Places Around the World: Theogefiro (God’s bridge), Zitsa, Greece. I belong in Greece.

Traveling to Greece? Check out this guide to 33 traditional Greek foods you'll find on menus throughout Greece. Know what to order before you go. #Greece #travel #food

Travelers Guide to 33 Traditional Greek Foods

Traveling to Greece? A travelers guide to 33 traditional Greek foods (including their Greek spelling).

Blue Dusk Spa, Santorini, Greece

Blue Dusk Spa, Santorini, Greece This is where I want Tony and I to go on our honeymoon. a girl can dream!

Watercolor Landscapes by Pantelis D. Zografos - Gythio detail

Gythio, Greece This workaday fishing town, with little tourism and a hearty charm, has a harborfront perfect for a sunset stroll and plenty of cheap restaurants and good affordable hotels.

Daybreak in Patmos, Greece

Daybreak in a backstreet alley, Chora, Patmos, Dodecanese Islands, Greece