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Set your standards

I will not be any man's half-time.and I held that attitude when I was single. Pinner said: By waiting for the right man in the right time I found the love of my life and it proves the saying that "anything worth having is worth waiting for.

hmm... a saying men (mankind) made to put the blame of bad outcomes on fate and such (not one's wrong doings or irrational acts) or made to show how men have no self-admirations and simply appraise fate and such (not self-efforts and self)  for good outcomes. =\ Sad trait, really.

I try to control so many things in my life, Lord. But deep down, I know You are in charge. When things don’t go exactly as planned, help me to remember that You have a plan for me. Help me to let go of my expectations in my life.

pitbulls - once known as the nanny dog & still should be. Sweet.

For most of our history America’s nickname for Pit Bulls was “The Nanny Dog”. For generations if you had children and wanted to keep them safe you wanted a pit bull, the dog that was the most reliable of any breed with children or adults.

It’s Apple iPad Launch Day: 11 Moments To Expect

The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in South-of-Market San Francisco is a warm, intimate, high-tech venue, which is probably why Apple keeps coming back here for its iPa.