This is how Disney princesses look like if they lived in 2017

Disney Princesses As Modern Day Girls Living In 2017 I love how kitty Rajah has a piece of the jerk prince's underwear in his mouth like in the movie LOL

Mulan's name literally means "wallflower".

Disney princess names and their meanings. Not only is Ariel the coolest princess, but she also has the best name meaning!

such a bunch of hipsters

Hipster Disney Princesses

Funny pictures about Hipster Disney Princesses. Oh, and cool pics about Hipster Disney Princesses. Also, Hipster Disney Princesses photos.

Disney Princesses in 1950s Fashion by Basak Tinli by on @DeviantArt

:iconbasaktinli: Disney Princesses in Fashion by BasakTinli < I know I pinned this before but this is my favourite clothing year

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Pocket Princesses (Part by Amy Mebberson - I am in love with the Pocket Princesses! I always laugh at their antics and would love to read more! by susangir

212 Pocket Princesses 212: San Diego Comic Con 'Snow Wonder' costume by @Disneytwincess

Pocket Princesses San Diego Comic Con 'Snow Wonder' costume by Disneytwincess by Amy Mebberson