Homemade Kahlua recipe and labels

Homemade Kahlua

Homemade Kahlua This looks like a much more extensive version of what we used to make back in 1970 with vodka and instant coffee.

Attaching a Bottle

A Beverage Dispenser

For the lack of a better description, I decided to name this 'ible "A Beverage Dispenser". This is not an original idea as I've seen a similar.

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A Beverage Dispenser

o how to make one - the final product is self explanatory.The BOM:* a base - two wooden planks* pipes - ***brass straight tee ( ***brass to reducer, ***steel flange, brass female to female connector,

Honey and Pear Whiskey Cocktail Recipe

Honey and Pear Whiskey Cocktail

Peach-Basil Infused Vodka~After making other infused vodkas I will be doubling the amount of peaches and basil

Peach-Basil Infused Vodka via Cooking My Way Through My CSA (love that this also includes drinks:))

Peach Pie Moonshine, the perfect mason jar gift for the most important people in your life who need a stiff drink.

Peach Pie Moonshine ~ As much as we all love peach schnapps, I'm pretty sure we would love this!

Peach Brandy - this stuff is soooo addictive

The other day we bottled our peach liqueur. We’d kept in in the wine closet for about three weeks after straining out the solids. We stored it in a big glass bottle and were surprised by the …