ARIES! Ram's head rock-crystal bracelet styled like a torque (ca. 330-300 B.C.). Found in Macedonia, near Thessaloniki.

Bracelet of rock crystal with gold rams heads Greek part of the Ganymede Jewelry collection BCE. Photo by mharrsch

"The Umbrellas" is a work of art by George Zoggolopoulos and it stands on the New Promenade of the beautiful city of Thessaloniki,Greece

"The Umbrellas" is a work of art by George Zoggolopoulos - Thessaloniki. And damn, I missed it on my Thessaloniki trip :O :O

Ladadika ~ Thessaloniki, Greece

Ladadika, Thessaloniki Greece Only within 5 minutes walk from Aristotelous sqr…

Arch of Galerius, Thessaloniki, Greece. ....archaeology & prehistoric

Arch of Galerius, Thessaloniki, Greece. The arch was built in 298 to 299 AD and dedicated in 303 AD to celebrate the victory of the tetrarch Galerius over the Sassanid Persians and capture of their capital Ctesiphon in 298

Traditional "Koulouri", Sesame bread ring sold everywhere with the one from Thessaloniki leading the way

Macedonian Food - thessaloniki koulouri - a recipe from ancient Greece - cuisine from the Historical Greek region of Macedonia of ancient and modern Greece

Thessaloniki Grecia

This photo from Thessaloniki, Macedonia is titled 'Christmas is coming!

Wonderful Thessaloniki

Wonderful Thessaloniki