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There is nothing more annoying than having to untangle your earbuds from a huge knot. Keep them tidy and knot free with this cute little pouch. A great way to store those new wireless earplugs!

Diaper bags -- like purses and wallets -- can be magnets for clutter. I speak from personal experience when I say that things go into them and rarely, if ever, come out. The smaller the bag, usually the easier it is to keep it clutter free and stuffed only with essentials.

Skiphop The Pronto Changing Station is a must-have. It is so easy to take this when you are on the go or at a restaurant instead of a whole diaper bag to change a diaper. Leighton doesn't mind laying on the changing pad.

Has this happened to you? Read these tips before you call a sewing machine repair man!

Thread bunching up on the top or underside of your fabric is a common sewing problem. Here's what to do before you call a sewing machine repair man!

Χειροτεχνημα - Handmade: Ιδέες οργάνωσης και τακτοποίησης

You can give all of your colorful neck accessories individual holders when you loop shower curtain rings onto the base of a hanger. This trick also works wonderfully on belts and ties. See more at From the Desk

Looking for your next project? You're going to love Undercover Maker Mat by designer lillyella.

Covering your serger or sewing machine is essential. This collection of tutorials will show you how to make simple sewing machine covers in very little time. Want to know everyone's favorite - it's sewing machine cover