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Lugares de ensueño en donde poder liberar nuestra creatividad. Espacios para el arte, la música y la creación. Estos rincones de nuestro hogar donde las paredes…
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a room filled with lots of wooden furniture and shelves full of potted plants on top of them
a wooden desk sitting in front of a window next to a book shelf filled with books
Custom Woodworking
Jim Cardon custom library; a cool mix of steam punk and victorian
a man sitting at a desk working on some drawings
A Comic Raises a Serious Question: Is Japan Ready to Use Military Force?
Best Gaming Room Poster Ideas Kick Ass, Industrial Art Studio, Tattoo Studio Interior, Art Studio Design, Art Studios, Art Studio Room
Best Gaming Room Poster Ideas
Spruce up your gaming room or gamer bedroom with aesthetic, minimal, & chic gamer room wall posters at "Trigmot.com" Best Gaming Room poster ideas to give you gaming room decoration inspo for any style- couples, teen, gamer boy/girl, cozy, advanced, grunge, dark, avengers, star wars, dc, cool, kawaii, japandi, nature, hi-tech, etc. Posters that are gamer room wall decor essentials for your dream gaming/streaming room. #gamerroomwallart #gamerposters #gamingroomdecor #latestgamerposters
Uma mesa ergonomica para notebook
Esse é um braço inteligente para notebooks que oferece suporte ergonômico para quem trabalha em uma mesa de escritório. Top né? 😆 📷Video da loja original: @fishermans.woodshop #tecnologia #inovação #notebook #homeoffice #trabalho #inovacao #novidade #incrivel #curiosidade #curiosidades #fatos #fatoscuriosos #bringtekcuriosity
an office with lots of shelves and drawers
a man sitting at a desk in front of multiple computer monitors
an artist's desk with lots of drawers and art supplies
an office desk with lots of drawers on it