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There are plenty of things to eat in Tokyo, but don't spend all of your time at traditional dining settings or else you'll miss out on the amazing street food Tokyo has to offer! | Tokyo, Japan | Tokyo street snacks | Tokyo street food | Tokyo food guide | Tokyo for foodies | Tokyo travel | Japan travel

Don& miss out on the amazing street food that Tokyo has to offer! Here is a list of Tokyo streets snacks that you should try on your visit to the food capital of the world.

What To Eat In Kyoto

All you need to know on what and where to eat in Kyoto! I must try that green tea sundae thing! Those cute donuts are from a shop called FLORESTA NATURE DONUTS IN KYOTO. Address is = 525 Nakanochō (Shinkyōgokudōri), Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu