"and the stars blinked as they watched her carefully jealous of her shine" - Atticus


When you look up into the sky, what do you see? Get lost in the moon & the stars. The "I Love You to the Moon & Back" Collection will be available soon.

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I grew up on Disney movies. Princesses and dragons and the prince that always saves them.When I was little I thought Cinderella really did live in the castle at Disney World. Hopelessly I believe everyone can still have their own fairytale.

ZsaZsa Bellagio

"Yellow" by Coldplay. I thought this was a beautiful picture I don't know why. Love this song and these lyrics

Make a wish

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Serbian Proverb

Happy Earth Day from Seed of Life Acupuncture. Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.

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i bet they would live a lot differently

"if people sat outside and looked at the stars every night. I bet they would live life a lot differently." so true.

Τις πραγματικά δυναμικές γυναίκες, να μάθεις να τις σέβεσαι και να τις αγαπάς εις διπλούν και τριπλούν, γιατί όσο μένουν μαζί σου, το κάνουν μόνο γιατί σε θέλουν κι όχι από ανάγκη.

I believe the translation is meaning that a dynamic woman should be loved because she stays because she wants to stay with you, not out of necessity.


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We do not love in order to BE loved. We love because we feel that way.