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sacredearthgifts: Huge clear quartz cluster my buddy Henry Rogers mined at the Coleman Crystal Mine in Jessieville, Arkansas

Beautiful Citrine or Golden Healer quartz crystal cluster found at Ron Coleman Mining in Arkansas

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of the human body is made up of water. This explains why the energy of the ☀️ and 🌙 both influence the frequencies of our internal bodies. Speak positively and you will stir melodious cosmic tides within!

2-Ingredient Crayon Lipstick

2 ingredient crayon lipstick Whenever I try this hack, my bowl always breaks (yes, it IS a microwave safe bowl) any ideas on how to prevent this?

Fossil shell partially filled by bright golden calcite crystals - Marin Mineral

A an incredible specimen of a well preserved fossil shell partially filled by bright golden Calcite crystals. credit: © Marin Mineral visit Amazing Geologist for more.