Eleftheria Lykantidou

Eleftheria Lykantidou

Eleftheria Lykantidou
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Very Large Green Toffee Tin Van Mellee's, Bekkers, Dutch

Green Toffee Tin with Pink Flamingos, Van Mellee's, Bekkers, Dutch

Eupholus magnificus Papua Insects Foundation (Coleoptera/Curculionidae)

Eupholus magnificus Papua Insects Foundation (Coleoptera/Curculionidae) These were some of my favorite bugs!

Image result for mug wall rack

Fun afternoon project with my wonderful husband: Starbucks "You Are Here" Collection displayed with towel bars (Home Depot) and S shower hooks (Target).

Passion flower (Passiflora phoenicia or alata)

An open flower and buds - as well as stem and curling tendrils - of a purple passion flower (Passiflora phoenicia or alata) Copyright Skye Hohmann