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Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew Simone Martini (Italian, Siena, active by 1344 Avignon) Date: probably ca. 1326 Medium: Tempera on wood, gold ground Dimensions: 22 x 14 in.

Αγ.Ανδρεας Ο Αποστολος, Ο Πρωτοκλητος      __ nov 30       ( Chr. Karagiannakis

Αγ.Ανδρεας Ο Αποστολος, Ο Πρωτοκλητος __ nov 30 ( Chr. Karagiannakis


Andrew the Apostole

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St. Andrew the Apostle icon (3)

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Saint Andrew the Apostle

Saint St Andrew the Aposle Handpainted Eastern Orthodox Russian Byzantine Icon

Heilige Andreas

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Andrew, also known as Andrew the Apostle, was a Christian Apostle and the older brother to St. According to the New Testament, Andrew was born in the village of Bethsaida on the Sea of .

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