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a man sitting in the driver's seat of a car with his hand on the steering wheel
a young man sitting at a table with food
heath ledger singing "cant take my eyes off you"
black and white photograph of a smiling man with long blonde hair wearing a black shirt
two different pictures of the same man with blonde hair and one has a rose in his hand
a young man smiling in front of a window
heath ledger
a young man with curly hair and a leather jacket is smiling at the camera while wearing a brown sweater
a man with blonde hair smiling in front of a window and wearing a blue shirt
a man with long hair sitting on a train looking at something in his hand while wearing a watch
four different pictures of a man with his hands on his face and the words heath lager above them
a young man standing in front of a curtain
head empty. no thoughts. no words. only heath ledger