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Soccer motivational quote

Once I broke my finger and couldn't play the soccer game but I made my choice to go in and be goal keeper and we won our game! Also I got hit hard on my finger but still didn't give up!

Und einem verdammt guten Torwart. Danke Manuel Neuer, und Glückwunsch für deinen Golden Glove. ✨✨  And a very good goalie. Thank you Manuel Neuer, and Congrats on the Golden Glove.

Why Germany won the world cup-- this truly is a good overview of each of the teams' spirit/philosophy. Germany would never hold up the jersey/picture of a missing player as Brazil did for Neymar-- Die Mannschaft are a TEAM!


The 11 best friends thing is bothering me. If you are only counting you soccer team on field that's 10 best friends. But usually you have more than 11 on a full team.what those are kind of like my cleats for soccer