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a wooden bench with bottles in it on the floor
We love banquette seating with integrated easy storage - it’s the perfect mix between form and function. We designed, made and fitted… | Instagram
an open chest sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a window in a room
Ready to transform your boring breakfast nook?
How to Build Banquette Bench Booth Seating In Your Kitchen
two pictures side by side, one is made out of wood and the other has construction tools
Round scalloped fluted pedestal dining table DIY - seats 10-12 people - Black Ink oak finish
the banquet bench flip up storage is an easy and cheap way to organize your home
Banquette Bench with Flip Up Storage - Customizable Size and Shape | Ana White
a person is painting a wooden object in a workshop
How to Make a DIY Round Table Base With a Fluted Design
I made a fluted table base out of half-round molding cut to size and added vertically to a base. This DIY round table base is super sturdy. Here’s how to make it.