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a painting of a man with an enormous bird in his hand and trees behind him
Eragon & Saphira
a boy is kissing a blue dragon on the nose
Eragon y Saphira Art: @LoreleiJShannon
a painting of two men and a dragon
Eragon y Saphira
Fantasy Characters, Saga, Mythical Creatures, Dragon Artwork
murthagh thorn
Арья и дракон Фирнен. По книге Кристофера Паолини. Posters, Logos, Videos
Эрагон. Арья
Арья и дракон Фирнен. По книге Кристофера Паолини.
a man in armor standing next to a red dragon
Эрагон. Муртаг
Fantasy Creatures, Character Design, Eragon Fan Art, Dragon Fanart, Eragon Characters, Murtagh
Эригон И Сапфира
a man riding on the back of a blue dragon in front of a cloudy sky
the book cover for eragon
International Book Covers Image Gallery - Inheritance Cycle -
eragon arya murtagh fanart !!!!!
eragon arya murtagh fanart !!!!!
some concept art for a character from the video game darksiders, which is currently in development
Eragon - The Ra'zac by smilinweapon on DeviantArt