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Beach Decor, Beach Themed Room Handpainted Driftwood Hanging Sign, "I Want My Toes In The Water and Ass In The Sand".

I Want My Toes In The Water Ass In Sand, Beach Decor, Beach Sign, Coastal, Nautical Rustic Reclaimed Wooden Signs Sage Summer Quotes Zac Brown Band Sign

How to Cut Glass Bottles

Love this self watering plant idea. Taking an old bottle and make it into a little self watering plant or even just take the bottom and make a glass!

How To Make A Hanging Gutter Garden

Make A Hanging Gutter Garden - Why Bother with a Gutter Garden? Gutter gardens are a great way to take advantage of the vertical spaces around your home to grow flowers, edibles

Amazing and Innovative Bookshelf

DIY Cardboard furniture That doesn't look like it's made from cardboard! We've had some great posts on cardboard furniture you can buy that doesn't LOOK like cardboard, but most DIY options resemble the brown recyclable stuff.