Bougatsa me Krema (Greek custard-filled pastry)

Greek Vegetarian: Bougatsa me Krema (Greek custard-filled pastry) and the liveliest street in Limnos

The essential guide to Thessaloniki, Greece | From sightseeing to shopping suggestions on how to explore Greece's second largest city to the max!

The Essential Guide to Thessaloniki

Koulourakia!!! Round sesame bread sold as a fast food in Greece's streets. It's delicious!

Macedonian Food - thessaloniki koulouri - a recipe from ancient Greece - cuisine from the Historical Greek region of Macedonia of ancient and modern Greece

Did you know that #Thessaloniki has incredible bougatsa? #nomnomnom

some historic city walks can hide delicious surprises.try mpougatsa - a warm soft pastry filled with custard cream and covered with sprinkled sugar and Thessaloniki,Greece

Thessaloniki's sweet delights :Pastry triangles (Trigona)Filled with crème pâtissière. G. Elenidis’s authentic Panorama pastry triangle with its rich, creamy filling and crispy fyllo pastry. The triangles are filled at the time of ordering so that the crème pâtissière is always fresh and loses none of its flavour.

τριγωνα πανοραματος Panorama triangles Only in the north - fresh