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a woman's face is painted on the side of stairs in front of trees
Streetart – David Diavù @ Rome, Italy
Nuovo pezzo dello street artist italiano David Diavù a Roma.
the stairs are covered with graffiti and stickers
Photo Berlin-street art -Hackenhofe
Berlin-street art -Hackenhofe
a large mural on the side of a building with pink roses painted all over it
Street Art In Iran: Social Commentary On The Streets Of Tehran
Iranian Flowers. Street art in Tehran. Street Art in Iran: Social Commentary on the Streets of Tehran on Click the image to read the article. (Image via
two people sitting on the steps talking to each other in front of an alleyway
Nice to meet you..
Street art
the stairs are decorated with black and white chevrons
11 Staircases That Are a Big Step Up
10 Ways to Totally Revamp Your the painted frames on the chalkboard paint wall!
the stairs are painted with blue and white flowers
How to Stencil Your Staircase
When you see her "marble" stair risers, you'll understand all the fuss
two people walking up some colorful stairs
Knitting Graffiti in Valdivia, Chile
Knitting Graffiti in Valdivia, Chile