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the three fishes safety matches made in england
Blog - 18 Beautiful Vintage Matchboxes for Design Inspiration — True Black Design Co.
an old matchbox with a dragon on it's front and the words safety match made in japan
Dragons Are Your Friend
an old match card with a red flower on the front and bottom, says flanderss charm
Vintage print and other stuff
a stamp with an image of a bull head on it's face and the words,
the bee and snail safety matches made in japan are available for purchase on ebayon com
Juxtapoz Magazine - Vintage Matchbox Covers from Japan
the poster for james mcmurth's concert at the gorge theatre in 2012
The Gourds / James Mcmurtry Tour Poster
an advertisement for red head's safety masks
Australian matchbox label
an old poster with two women's feet in high heels and the words somewhere opo salolor
Hungarian matchbox label