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Mixalis Koumpoutzis
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The Fantastic Four Collection - 10-12-2015

Fantastic 4 – I Fantastici Quattro: nuovo manifesto per il reboot del film August 2015 and we will see if the roboot was worth making.


7 things critics are saying about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that you SHOULD know before booking your tickets!

Μπάτμαν vs Σούπερμαν Η Αυγή Tης Δικαιοσύνης - 8-12-2015

After a bootleg version leaked late Thursday, Warner Bros. officially releases a dark and gritty trailer for next year's 'Batman v Superman.

Wanna play ?

He wasn't very good until he got his 12 year old owner to start yelling at people through the mic. View "Guinea Pig Playing Xbox" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor