Mairi Boo

Mairi Boo

I'm a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl... (σε όλα τα προφίλ μου!)
Mairi Boo
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Jon Smith fills incandescent light bulbs with objects, liquids and other substances and creates explosions which he then captures using high-speed photogra

By Anna Bocek: Ζωγράφος Γυναικών.2.

Polish artist Anna Bocek's figurative paintings feature vibrant and energetic portraits of women. The painter's subjects are filled with emotion, communicated through facial expressions, body postures, and Bocek's brilliant color palette.

Οι Πιο Όμορφοι Ουρανοί.1. By Matt Malloy.

A beautiful Photography series with stunning images of painted skies. With the use of photo stacking and new way of timelapse photography, Matt Molloy created these photographs that almost look like paint brush paintings.