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Grey Glacier Torres del Paine The towering icy blue walls of Grey Glacier seen up close on an Ecocamp Patagonia tour.


Top 10 Resorts in Thailand

I've been here, Phang Nga Bay Phuket - Thailand. The rock climbers love the area of Thailand. Locals and the Farang's

Rock climbing~

Rock climbing in Custer State Park. Custer State Park is a state park and wildlife reserve in the Black Hills of southwestern South Dakota, USA. The park is South Dakota's largest and first state park, named after Lt.

Κολοκυθοκεφτέδες με πατάτα, ψητοί στο φούρνο

Κολοκυθοκεφτέδες με πατάτα, ψητοί στο φούρνο