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Artist Rob Gonsalves.

Canadian artist, Rob Gonsalves, creates mind blowing works of art which are well planned optical illusions. You may be looking at one section of the painting which than morphs into something that seems irrational and out

A different world by liga-marta on DeviantArt

A different world Dark fairytales illustrations by Latvia based artist Liga Klavina Cinderella Enmeshed in nan elmoth Parting is always sad Legolas Left at home Imprisoned Happy end Glass slipper Commission… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian artist. Шупляк Олег. Білий налив / Shuplyak Oleg. White Transparent

illusions in art Oleg Shuplyak filling .Push and chose ."Pictures with double meaning" - so the author himself describes his unusual work, where one image is guessed more hidden.

Hidden images in paintings of Oleg Shuplyak

illusions in art Oleg Shuplyak (The Mermaid) .Push and chose .The artist has repeatedly participated in international exhibitions in America and Britain. But at home his talent appreciated. Since 2000 Oleg Shuplyak is a member of th

Optical Illusion Painting - Rotatable Artwork Beach And Scarlett by Frank Franklin

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