Greek beauty Irene Papas, a beauty as austere and balanced as the doric order style

Irene Papas is like the Doric* ideal incarnate: solid, austere lines, drama in attitude, fortitude in distress. Beauty in the face of traged.

Irene Papas  (Ειρήνη Παππά)

Irene Papas, Actress: The Guns of Navarone. Irene Papas was born on September 1926 in Chilimodion, Corynth, Greece as Eiríni Lelékou. She is an actress, known for The Guns of Navarone The Message and Electra She was previously married to Alkis Papas.

Federico Fellini was a huge admirer of her work and she herself said about her acting career that she wanted to play herself, the independent fighter and not sensational parts or to portray desirable women. I quote her further on in the same matter, saying "I never won an Oscar... and the Oscars never won Irene Papas".

Federico Fellini was a huge admirer of her work and she herself said about her…

Irene Papas

Irene Pappas Greek actress who I loved as a child while watching many Greek tragedies that I didn't understand.

Irene Papas

born 3 September is a retired Greek actress and occasional singer, who has starred in over seventy films in a career spanning more than fifty years.

Irene Papas as Katherine of Aragon

Irene Papas as Catherine of Aragon in "Anne of the Thousand Days"

Bekhim Fehmiu & Irene Papas (Ulisse, Penelope) - Odissea (1968)

Bekhim Fehmiu & Irene Papas (Ulisse, Penelope) - Odissea (1968)

Irene Papas and Christopher Walken in Iphigenia in Aulis, 1967

When They Trod the Boards: Christopher Walken, Song and Dance Man

Irene Papas and Eli Wallach

Eli Wallach, seen here with Irene Papas in 'The Moon-Spinners'

Irene Papas and James Cagner -Tribute Bad Man  Irene Papas ha desempeñado más de setenta papeles a lo largo de más de medio siglo de carrera. Es una de las grandes trágicas helénicas del siglo XX posterior a Katina Paxinou.  Contemporánea de Melína Merkoúri, saltó a la fama internacional en películas de éxito como Los cañones de Navarone, Zorba el griego1 y Z de Costa Gavras.

La ley de la horca "Tribute to a Bad Man" - Robert Wise James Cagney and Irene Papais

Zorba  -   Irene Papas

Zorba the Greek Blu-ray Starring Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates and Irene Papas. An uptight English writer traveling to Crete on a matter of business finds his life changed forever when he meets the gregarious Alexis Zorba.

The Mystical Irene Papas

The Mystical Irene Papas