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Lips, Kyungsoo, Heart

Lips, Heart

Suit, Kyungsoo, Exo, Outfit, Suits

Lips, Kyungsoo, Heart

) from the story İm'Perfect Love // Kaisoo by (Quiet) with 135 reads.

Do Kyung Soo, Lips, Kyungsoo, Heart, Savior, Exo, Handsome Guys, Babies, Celebrities, My Boo, Handsome Boys, Babys, Salvador, Cute Boys, Celebs, Foreign Celebrities, Baby Baby, Infants, Little Children, Celebrity, Famous People

Chang'e 3, Exo, Smile, Knock Knock, Lips, Heart, Twitter, Smiling Faces, Laughing

Kyungsoo, Lips, Heart, Exo

Heart, Kyungsoo, Exo, Lips, My Girl, Guys

Kyungsoo, Exo, Lips, Heart

Kyungsoo, Sweet, Lips, Handsome Guys, Crushes, Exo Exo, Idol, Me Gustas, Random, Candy, Handsome Boys, Cute Boys