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Neutral Glam

I have been so busy guys I'm sorry for not posting. I was in a car accident and I had to sort things out with that. Im doing good but it's just a little stressful. It wasn't my fault btw lol I was

Upgraded lashes will make your eyes look bigger and you always dressed up. Lashes will look like it’s on them placed mascara although it is not.

Orange lipstick was an absolute hit on the fashion show of leading designers! Source Spring has arrived, and therefore nice weather.

Homemade Dinosaur Cake | dinosaur cake by keyartstudiocakes a small cake to selebrate a little ...

A small cake to selebrate a little dinosaur lover. Silhouettes on the sides are cut using Cricut cutter. The topper is made of sugar paste. 20 servings of Red Velvet cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream.