And "We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, to them that are called( God's Beloved Children, those who have faith in Jesus Christ) according to God's purpose"..................Romans 8:28-39)  Yes Father God, "When things work together for our good". We do look toward heaven and thank you. Because we know that it is You!

Hearts to Uplift

Thank you Jesus.thank you Jesus. Thank you God for your mercy. Lord bless all people with mental health issues Lord. Even in my tears I thank you Lord.

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One of my favorite Christmas pictures! Even Santa knows who Christmas is really all about.

"Every knee shall bow". I LOVE this! Jesus is the reason for the season.This is my all time favorite Christmas picture.


At last moment of your life no bad vibes surrounds you. Think every day of your life as your last day run in the rain

Eskimo babies!

Soviet winter: (Wish I knew who deserves the photo credit!) I smile when I see this photo!

Hello Merch — I'm Not Tired (Babies) Navy One-Piece with snaps


black-culture: escapedgoat: notesonascandal: sirwhindleton: okay, this is the cutest thing ever. i cant stand it OMG SHE’S ADORABLE! “Girl, I was like ‘you bought me WHAT kinda crayons? What is a Rose Art? Crayola or nothin, chile!

by Eva Melhuish

this is an awfully sweet picture. the wonderful artist, eva melhuish, grew up in sweden and now lives in england.