Vivien Frank Silver Wrap Essential Bracelet

Silver Wrap Essential Bracelet

Figo Lime Futon with White Frame : Constructed as a chaise lounge that spreads flat into a comfy sleep surface. Featuring a soft, durable mattress cover with integrated pillow. The convertible design is quite contemporary and a very practical option.

knit baskets

A Good Yarn

White Knitted Home Decorations - White Home Decor - Country Living by Robert Ogden.


Gardening Autumn - Love the green glass and hanging metal bucket - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

Timber frame attic bath

A rustic bathroom that seems made for my dream home, clawfoot tub, exposed beams, the wood with the white, amazing!

Cards + Clothes Pins = COOL bikes

Cards + Clothes Pins = COOL bikes Loved doing this to my bike!

Hanging Chandelier

DIY- Handmade chandelier has industrial feel. Made from rescued/reclaimed plywood and recycled lamp parts.

Between the Sheets Arabesque Cotton Silk/Lace Bralette & Ouvert Tap Pant

via By Sasha - Between the Sheets Arabesque Cotton Silk/Lace Bralette & Ouvert Tap Pant

Silver & Wood Ring by Terrain

I think I found Matt's ring! Silver & Wood Ring in Jewelry+Accessories JEWELRY Bracelets+Rings at Terrain

Craft Ideas With Maps | Craft Ideas

Vintage Map Lampshade

DIY: Mod podge a map to a lampshade.I really like the many suggestions for recycling old maps and atlases. You could even concentrate your shade on specific locations that someone likes to personalize the shade for them.