Martina Sperl /

Martina Sperl Branding by moodley brand identity via Behance. I love the simplicity and cleaniness of the design and font.


Leer jij als een giraf? Zentangle by Skinnystratcat - she has lots of simple ideas to add to and highlight Zentangles -


If you want to smell like a refined hippie, Aesop perfumes like Mystra here are the way to go. I hate Aesop's faux-apothecary contrivance, but their scents and shower gels are lovely.

CORNELIA and CO [ Brand identity & Packaging ] by Oriol Gil #branding #identity #logo #design

Oriol Gil / Spain Located in Barcelona city since Cornelia and Co is a restaurant, a bakery, a winery, a coffe shop and many other things. A place where you can buy many gourmet products, a pack.

Costa Rica Fruit Company Logo by Marianella Snowball, via Behance

Costa Rica Fruit Company Logo by Marianella Snowball, via Behance. Awesome and fun logo & branding.

Good Ol' Sailor Vodka.

Good Ol' Sailor Vodka

Good ol’ Sailor Vodka Sweden’s first vodka in PET bottle. It’s also one of the first vodka made of organically grown, Swedish barley. The new Swedish eco-vodka is distilled four times and has a clean,.