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an autumn scene with the words i know summer just started but i have autumn on my brain
the words summer is over rated i'd take the cool days of autumn, and
people floating on rafts in the water with text that reads, short out to karhine bukatty follow her
Running Blind
Lazy summer days
a wooden fence surrounded by leaves and trees with the words, person best time in hell oatum we've been waiting for you
christmas stockings hanging from the fireplace with candles in front of them and a bottle of wine next to it
Giftguide voor: De Beautyblogger-in-spé
Stockings by the fireplace
an empty road surrounded by trees with fall foliage on the sides and in the middle
The First Day of Fall!
Fall is my favorite season
a yellow maple leaf with the sun shining through it
two chairs under an umbrella on the beach
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