Irene Vergitsi

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a drawing of a mickey mouse holding onto a bunch of gold coins in front of a dollar sign
count your treasures
Acrylics and pen on paper in black frame. Framed 60 x 60 cm Part of the 'Comic' series. A journey to different times, where character traits arise from famous animation characters. #disney #mickeymouse #cartoon #painting
a drawing of a colorful horse with checkered pattern on it's back end
“All one has to decide is what to do with the time given to them. The 365 series is literally a year of the life of an artist. This series will realistically take over 5 years till it reaches the 365 pieces. And this incongruous play is what is interesting. The notion of time and how it affects the relationship of the audience with art”. Irene Vergitsi, "JAN 1", 2016. Acrylics and pen on paper. Piece Unique. Dimensions with frame: 43 x 43 cm.