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SKIN LESION: Cyst, Fissure, Macule, Nodule, Papule, Polyp, Pustule, Vesicle, Wheal - Health Insurance Quotes

SKIN LESION: Cyst, Fissure, Macule, Nodule, Papule, Polyp, Pustule, Vesicle, Wheal ◬

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Smart software identifies gene promoters

Like Skynet from the movie Terminator, computers in our generation are actually capable of analyzing inputted data and learning how to react differently to it. In the field of genetics, two groups of researchers have designed software that can analyze and learn new data in genomes to ultimately identify which sequence variations can become a health hazard. Each publication focused on different genes — the brain and melanocytes.

Figure 2 : Melanocyte biology and skin pigmentation : Nature Pigmentation Of Skin, Skin Structure, New Opportunities, Ultra Violet, Biology, Humor, Nature, Image, Google

Melanocyte biology and skin pigmentation

Melanocytes are phenotypically prominent but histologically inconspicuous skin cells. They are responsible for the pigmentation of skin and hair, and thereby contribute to the appearance of skin and provide protection from damage by ultraviolet radiation. Pigmentation mutants in various species are highly informative about basic genetic and developmental pathways, and provide important clues to the processes of photoprotection, cancer predisposition and even human evolution. Skin is the most…