*traditional (house-castle) in Mani, Greece

traditional (house-castle) in Mani, Greece continuation of material from floor to wall

Traditional Summer House in Mani, Greece | S t a r d u s t - Decor & Style

Unique greek traditional design in this house located in Mani, Greece designed by Aiolou Architects. House in Doli – Mani, Greece.

Vatheia, Mani, Greece

Anyone going to cape Tainaro (Greek: Ταίναρο) gets treated with this magnificent view of the Vatheia village, overlooking the sea.

Nyfi, a small village in Mani Greece

Turquoise Water, Nifi, Greece photo by evamiranda and one of my favorite countries I visited.

Luxury Villa Onor is the perfect place for reconnecting with nature and enjoying the silence. In Mani, Peloponnese, Greece

Onor Luxury Villa in Mani is built in simple Mani (stone) style, around 250 sq, built around 1770 with its wood fire oven intact and as the house is in.

Porto Kagio, Mani- Greece

Looking down on Pórto Káyio in Mani, the southern Peloponnese