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Reduce your expenses. Work from home. Use online platforms. Use free ad sites. Use social media extensively and intelligently. Do not push sell. Wait for responses. Get rid of websites. Be honest. Give yourself time, time and time.

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Are you mistaking your burnout as short term stress? This article provides a simple framework for recognizing burnout before it's too late.

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For an agency to run like a well oiled machine, it’s vital that each department has someone manning the ship.

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Female Computer And Telephone Operator Required For Our Office Karachi Karachi - Local Ads - Free Classifieds and Job Ads in Pakistan

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MBTI and Mental Illness - Part 2 - The Rationals The disorders I found that could be linked to ENTPs are ADD, ADHD, Compensatory Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Sadistic Personality Disorder.

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