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Studio Apartment

Wow this is small! Love how they only have essential furniture (bed, larger sofa) but they seem to be great pieces. (Sofa being a nice size & bed having storage) future apartment living!

Sofa Bed Hidden in the Wall

No wasted space with a plain wall - bed by night, sofa by day. I like this as long as it's sturdy enough to really be able to use the couch. What about making your own sofa with any murphy bed kit?

Visions of the Future // H67 Apartment

Habitat 67 is a housing project consisting of 354 identical prefabricated concrete units, a tour de force to what it means to deal with high-density .

ATELIER RUE VERTE , le blog: Copenhague / Un appartement aux couleurs minérales…

I know the brand Aiayu for a while and am a big fan of the nude and earthy tone whool home accessories of the best quality. When I saw Marie Worsaae’s (one of the partners at Aiayu) home on the Cereal